Aviation Fuel Testing & Analysis

FOI Laboratories tests and analyses all aviation fuel to meet all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards to ensure quick and quality test results for you. Receiving accurate results sets you up to take the proper preventative steps to maintain high quality fuel as well as restoring contaminated fuel.

Our Services

Our basic aviation fuel test package helps determine whether your fuel meets standard ASTM D specifications. Our long-term storage package helps predict your products remaining service life and product cleanliness as well as meeting aviation fuel specifications. We also offer comprehensive testing packages for bio diesel, diesel Fuels and marine bunker fuels.


Test specification for aviation gasoline:

  • Test specification for aviation gasoline:  ASTM D910
  • Avgas fuel test: ASTM tests:
  • Motor Octane Number  ASTM D2700
  • Aviation Lean Rating  ASTM D2700
  • Performance Number (Super-Charge) ASTM D909
  • Tetraethyl Lead  ASTM D5059
  • Color  ASTM D2392
  • Density ASTM D4052

Aviation fuel gasoline testing:

  • SuperCharge Octane Testing for Aviation Fuels
  • Supercharge Aviation Fuel Testing in USA
  • FOI helps Biofuel Powered Transatlantic Flight
  • Gasoline Testing
  • Distillation ASTM D86
  • Vapor Pressure ASTM D5191
  • Freezing Point ASTM D2386
  • Sulfur ASTM D2622
  • Net Heat of Combustion ASTM D3338
  • Copper Corrosion ASTM D130
  • Oxidation Stability – Potential Gum ASTM D873
  • Oxidation Stability – Lead Precipitate ASTM D873
  • Water Reaction – Volume change ASTM D1094
  • Electrical Conductivity ASTM D2624

Step 1

Send in your sample for fuel test results

Step 2

We test and inspect your fuel sample

Step 3

We deliver the accurate results to you