BioFuel Testing

BioFuel Research and Advancement is an important step in biofuel cleanliness and efficiency for compression engines and meeting emission standards


FOI Laboratories is serving the nation with accurate and timely biofuel analysis. The prompt service given to state and local governments, national distributors and large biofuel producers is the same service given to the individual and start-up producer.

FOI Laboratories dedicates a significant amount of its activity to research and development for improving advanced technology, compression ignition engine efficiency and meeting emissions standards. Our research includes the testing and development of low-sulfur advanced biofuels and blending components that will improve the performance of engines and emission control devices.

Discover the difference our customer service makes. For superior quality testing, unbeatable sample turn-around times and clear, concise sample reporting, choose to do all of your fuel analysis testing with FOI Laboratories.


Biofuel Product Analysis

  • Biofuels Testing and Inspection
  • Biomass Fuel Testing
  • Biodiesel Feedstock Testing and Evaluation
  • Biofuels Sustainability Auditing Services

Biofuel Analysis

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