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Octane and Cetane Analysis by Dielectric Permeability

With the increasing price of fuel, there have been more requests from our clients that are concerned with the Octane and Cetane ratings of their gasoline and diesel. Stored gasoline will lose its Octane rating over time. When time passes during storage the volatile...

What is E15 Gasoline, and Is It Okay for Your Engine?

What is E15 gasoline, and why should you be worried about it? E15 gasoline may be coming to a pump near you!  As a consumer you should know the potential problems associated with using gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol. With gasoline prices soaring with no end in...

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FOI Laboratories is an industry-leading fuel testing, analysis and research laboratory. Our company specializes in providing high quality fuel analysis and testing services to commercial and industrial businesses. Our mission is to provide world-renowned fuel tests with an unwavering determination to give our clients consistently accurate results with integrity and honor.