Crude Oil Testing & Analysis 

FOI labs is a full service laboratory and crude Oil Testing is nothing new. We take on samples from Ships, Road & Rail tank cars, production platforms, Pipelines, and all other operational facilities 

Crude Oil Tests & Methods 


Yields, Wt. %/LV% (Distillation Atmospheric) 15 Theoretical Plates Yields, LV %/Wt.%  (Hyvac) Pot still API, density, specific gravity Sulfur, total, by X-ray, mass% Sediment & Water, mass% (Centrifuge) Water Content, volume% by Distillation High Temperature Simulated Dist. By GC (HTSD), alt Sim. Dist. Light Ends Analysis (C1-C10) merged w/above Salt Content, Mass% Nitrogen, total, mass% (Boat-Inlet Chemiluminescence) Micro Carbon Residue, (MCRT),mass% (replaces CCR today) Pour Point, Deg C (Upper) in crude oils Pour Point, Deg C  in petroleum products Metals by ICP 3 plus prep (Ni, V, Fe) Additional element (ppm) Cu Hydrogen Sulfide & Mercaptan Sulfur in Liquid Octane (RON) by engine method Octane (MON) by engine method Reid Vapor Pressure, 100 F or  (VP) Acid Number (TAN), mg KOH/g PIONA (Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis) Benzene  & Toluene content by GC Viscosity, cSt, @ 38 deg C (100 deg F) Small Distillation, Atmospheric (used for cetane calculation) Small Distillation, Vacuum Asphaltene Content, mass% Smoke Point Freeze Point Cetane Index (Calculation from  D 86 Distillation) Cetane Number by engine UOP K Factor (calculation from D 86  Distillation & Viscosity) Flash Point (Cleveland Open Cup) D 2892 D 5236 D 5002/ D 1298 D 4294/ D 2622 D 4007 D 4006 D 7169 or D 2887 D 6730 mod. Alt IP 344 D 3230, alt IP 77 D 5762 D 4530 D 5853 D 97 D 5708 B D 5708 B UOP 163 D 2699 D 2700 D 323 or D 6377 D 664 D 5134 modified D 3606 D 445 D 86 modified D 1160 D 6560, alt IP 143 D 1322 D 2386 D 4737 Pro A&B D 613 UOP 375 D93/ IP 170

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