Water is the number one reason for failure in fuel. When the presence of water exceeds 500 parts per million in diesel it damages the fueling and storage systems creating an environment for damaging microbial bacteria. 200PPM is the new bench mark for diesel engine manufacturers.

FOI offers a field test kit and other diesel and fuel-related test products for the general public, contractors and industries across the fuel stream.

Each kit includes the tools necessary to easily and safely perform a diesel fuel test in the field. Written instructions are included, along with our contact information to help when a failure occurs.

Each test kit offers a quick glimpse into the health of your fuel, and can detect if water is affecting fuel health. A failed test result would indicate your fuel is compromised and a full spectrum test should be performed in the lab.

“Companies and Industries across the fuel stream are using these test kits in many ways already to reduce the chaos and cost of managing fuel, fuel quality, and fuel storage,” says FOI President Larry Steckman. “Being able to know up front if water is your culprit allows you to make decisions much faster towards a prescription and the resolution of your asset. Taking a snapshot at any time in the field helps bring a peace of mind that your fuel system/asset isn’t vulnerable.”

FOI clients who test in-house have free accessibility to a state-of-the-art trending, mapping, and fuel management online dashboard for testing review. FOI even offers an Accredited Clean Tank and Fuel Program. 

FOI’s Diesel Testing Field Products include Microbial Growth Detection, 500PPM & 200PPM Water Detection in Diesel, Acid Number and Ethanol tests.

If you are interested in a FOI Field Test Kit, you can find them on Amazon beginning January 24, 2022, or through FOIs website at warehouse.foilab.com. 

For questions regarding bulk orders or wholesale accounts, or the health of your fuel, please reach us at info@foilab.com or by phone at 800-546-4451.