Jet Fuel Tests & Methods


FOI Laboratories offers complete analysis and testing for jet fuels. All jet tests are performed to ASTM D1655 standards and our wide range of fuel analysis and testing services addresses most quality issues associated with jet fuel.

Jet aviation fuel tests:

  • Aero CHECK Aviation Services
  • Acidity, Aniline Point, Anti-icing Additives
  • API Gravity, API Density
  • Aromatics, Appearance
  • ASTM D1655
  • Burning Quality
  • Carbon Residue (Ramsbottom)
  • Color, Conductivity, Corrosion, Copper Content
  • Contamination Analysis
  • Distillation, Doctor Test
  • Explosiveness
  • FAME in Jet Fuel
  • Jet A Biofuels Testing
  • Jet Fuel Degradation Storage Problems

Jet fuel testing:

  • Jet Fuel Degradation Storage Problems
  • Jet Engine OCM Testing
  • Jet Engine and Gas Turbine Support Services and Debris Analysis


  • Jet Engine Damage Testing for Airborne Dust and Volcano Particles
  • Flash-point, Freeze-point
  • Gum Existent Steam
  • Heat of Combustion, Hydrogen Content
  • Lubricity (BOCLE)
  • Sulfur
  • MSEP (Micro-separarometer Index)
  • Olefins Content, Naphthalenes Content
  • Particle Count and ISO Coding (Cleanliness)
  • Peroxide Number
  • Red Dye Concentration
  • Smoke Point
  • Vapor Pressure, Viscosity
  • Water Reaction