Texas Fuel Quality Inspections

Texas Department of Agriculture cracks down on fuel quality inspections

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has been working to ensure the quality measures of the state are being met annually.  They do unannounced inspections focusing on the manufacturers and distributors of gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel and other renewable fuels. If you are using gasoline, the guidelines are for octane value, water content and other contaminants, distillation, vapor pressure and ethanol content. When we look at diesel, it is the flash point, water content and other contaminants, cetane index and viscosity that needs tested.  As these are the two most frequently used fuels in the state of Texas, you can find a list of tests for other forms of energy in the Texas Agriculture Code 17.

If the fuel you have stored on site for emergency power sources or are using to fuel fleets through and in-ground or above-ground tank, you are required to test annually to maintain these state guidelines.  If the tests are not being completed and they fail the ASTM standards, there could be civil fines from $10,000, administrative fines from $5,000 and daily fines if left un-met.  It is very important for environmental quality to have high fuel standards in your vehicles, boats, machinery and generators. There is also the concern for product and human safety in the area of fuel testing.  When you rely on your equipment to work properly inside the scope of state and governmental standards, the fuel can be a point of failure.  When there is high sediment content or water in the fuel, or if there is an incorrect fuel blend in your equipment, there is a high chance of equipment or generator failure.

We can get you set up with a regular schedule for fuel testing to ensure you are meeting these codes and product standards.  We will make sure your tests are trended and you will have records in case of inspection or emergency.  This will give you piece of mind knowing your fuel will not be a cause for costly fines or equipment failure.