What is E15 gasoline, and why should you be worried about it?

E15 gasoline may be coming to a pump near you!  As a consumer you should know the potential problems associated with using gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol.

With gasoline prices soaring with no end in site, the Biden Administration has agreed to let gas retailers sell E15 gasoline. The higher percentage of ethanol, a more affordable additive, can bring down gas prices about $0.10 per gallon, but is it worth it?

If your vehicle is either a 2001 model or older, do NOT use E15 gasoline. These vehicles – about 12% of all vehicles on the road in the US (according to AAA) can experience catastrophic corrosion and other engine damage. 

If your vehicle is 2001 or newer, you are in a better position to use E15 fuel, but be studies have shown that this slightly less expensive alternative also comes with a decrease in mileage, about 5%. That means that depending on your fuel usage, the cost difference means very little to your wallet.

If you’ve got a boat on the water this summer, be wary! E15 gasoline is not approved for any boat engines. In fact, it is a violation of federal law to place E15 gasoline in a boat, motorcycle, or lawn mower. Besides these ramifications, you are risking ruining your motor and voiding your warranty the second that fuel is pumped through.

At this time, the EPA only recommends the use of E15 in newer cars that have been deemed a “flexible-fuel vehicle.”

So as you go to fill up, stay alert for E15 gasoline. If you have any questions, or are facing a fuel testing issue that stems from improper fuel, call our team at FOI Labs at 845-943-0155 or email us at info@foilab.com.