Why Test Diesel Fuel Regularly?

Why Should You Consider A Diesel Fuel Test?

All engines perform better with out fuel contamination especially the high pressure engines, they are intolerant of event the slightest bit of fuel contamination. Regularly testing your fuel can prevent massive headaches. The scale of damage fuel contamination can cause, ranges from premature oil degradation to engine failure. Poor handling and storage may also contribute to water contamination. Many contributors to oxidization such as time and water molecules can begin to deteriorate the fuel which can lead to formations of gums and acids. Water in your fuel can cause engine misfires, power loss, and clogging of filters.¬†Water is a poor lubricant which can increase the wear on engine components and affects the injector spray pattern. Fuel testing is often overlooked and dismissed. When your engine deteriorates faster then it should, don’t blame the car for not being dependable. Look to your efforts of preserving your mode of transportation.

What Should I Test For In Diesel Fuel?

Diesel fuel is inherently unstable and susceptible to contamination, and careless treatment can accelerate that process. A diesel fuel test does not only test for contamination by harmful products, we also test the quality of your fuel for the most efficient use. Water and other contaminates may be visible but you may be using diesel with low quality and stability and you may not know until it is too late. We search for the Cetane Index Number (Ignition quality, affects cold starting. Minimum number of 40 is safe), Water (presence of water should not exceed 500ppm), Water Sediment (affects fuel injectors and filters. The maximum volume should not exceed 0.05%), API gravity (Gravity of oil as is measeured by API scale. API gravity changes due to contamination of gasoline or diesel. Should be between  31 and 38.5), Distillation (measures the percentage of volume recovery), IBP (initial boiling point, minimum should exceed 300 F and 540 and 600 at 90%), and Micro Organisms (presence of bacteria, fungus, and microbial growth. Result based positive or negative).