NFPA 110 Standard for Standby Generator Fuel Testing in Public Facilities

According to NFPA 110 section 8.3.8 all public facilities are required to perform a fuel quality test from among the ASTM D975 standard at a minuimum of one a year. 

FOI Laboratories works with public facilities across america to create standardized testing that meets all requirements for NFPA 110 as well as CMS and the Joint Commission of hospital accreditation. 

LSD 103

Full Spectrum

Water by Karl Fischer

Microbial Growth

Flash Point


Distillation, 90%

Visual Appearance

Water and Sediment

Distillation, 50%

Copper Strip Corrosion

Cetane Index

API Gravity by Hydrometer

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What test are required?

The current edition of NFPA 110 does NOT cite specific test recommendations for testing fuel in back up generators. It  does however require that  you choose a test package from  among  the parameters outlined in the standard.  This can be confusing for those who are trying to interpret  life safety codes within the regulations.  FOI laboratories has work with a number of accreditation bodies to customize packages that help meet these ambiguous requirements.  

Testing According to ASTM Standards:

It can be costly; but all fuel producers and refineries are required to run the full ASTM D975 diesel standard on all fuel before it’s released to the market for resell. Once the fuel is active on the market then the parameters for testing become very fluid.   This fluidity is impacted by the application of your fuel and cost vs liability of each situation.  (in other words if you have a 50 gallon tank you’re not likely going to spend $1200.00 on testing.)



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