Microbial/ Fungus GrowthPositive/Negative
Sugar TestHL-1124
Filter PatchFOB1853
Stability/Accelerated AgingDu Pont F21-61
Visual AppearanceD4176-04(2009)
Color ASTMD1500
Ethanol Content ASTM E1252
Silver Corrosion ASTM D7671A
Benzene and Aromatics in EtOH by GC ASTM D7576
Accelerated Stability-BioDiesel ASTM D7462
Saturate and Aromatic content of Lube basestock by HPLC/RI ASTM D7419
Biodiesel ContentASTM D7371-07
Sulfate and Chloride by IC using Aqueous Sample injection ASTM D7328
Freeze Point-Automated Laser Method-Aviation FuelASTM D7153
Red Dye in Diesel Fuel by PetrospecASTM D6756
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis ASTM D6729
Olefin Content of Gasolines by SFC ASTM D6550
Thermal StabilityASTM D6468
Water Tolerance (Phase Separation) of Gasoline-Alcohol Blend ASTM D6422
Cold Filter Plug PointASTM D6371
Water, Suspended by Karl FischerASTM D6304-07
Particulate Contamination-DieselASTM D6217-98
Particle CountASTM D6217
Lubricity, HFRRASTM D6079
Sulfur Content by UV FluorescenceASTM D5453-03a
Stability of Fuel by Oxygen OverpressureASTM D5304
NitrogenASTM D5291-Nitro
Carbon/Hydrogen in Petroleum ProductsASTM D5291-CH
Carbon/Hydrogen in Petroleum Products ASTM D5291
Nitrogen-Carlo ErbaASTM D5291
Vapor Pressure-Reid (Automatic) ASTM D5188
Aromatics-Diesel (SFC)ASTM D5186
Acid Number ASTM D664
Elements-(Ba, Ca, P, S, Zn) in unused oils (Wavelength Dispersive)ASTM D4927B
Oxygenates and Oxygen-Gasoline ASTM D4815
Hydrogen by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance ASTM D4808
Nitrogen-Chemiluminescence ASTM D4629
Haze RatingASTM D4176
Maganese In Gasoline by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry ASTM D3831
Benzene with EPA Modifications-Full PrepASTM D3606
Fuel Dilution-Gasoline ASTM D3525 Mod
Fuel Dilution- Diesel ASTM D3524 Mod
Lead-Unleaded Gasoline- Atomic Absorption ASTM D3237 Mod
Lead-Gasoline Atomic Absorption ASTM D3237
Phosphorus-Gasoline ASTM D3231
Nitrogen-Kjeldahl ASTM D3228
Glycol-Used Oil-Semi Quantitative ASTM D2982
Water & SedimentASTM D2709
ConductivityASTM D2624
Chlorine-Petroleum ProductsASTM D2622 Mod
Cloud PointASTM D2500-99
Aromatics- FIA (Aromatics, Olefins & Saturates)ASTM D1319
API GravityASTM D1298-99
DensityASTM D1298
Bromine Number-Electrometric Titration ASTM D1159
Cetane Index (Calculation Only)ASTM D976-01
Acid NumberASTM D974-08
Foaming Characteristics ASTM D892
Base Number ASTM D664
Cetane NumberASTM D613
Rams Bottom Carbon ResidueASTM D524-10
Ash ContentASTM D482
Viscosity @40°CASTM D445
Corrosion Copper StripASTM D130-04
Pour PointASTM D97
Water Content-Azeotropic Distillation ASTM D95
Flash PointASTM D93-10
Distillation, 90% RecoveryASTM D86-10
DEF Test#####
Oxidation Stability-Gasoline ASTM D525
Oxidation Stability-Aviation Fuels- Potential Residue Method ASTM D873
Oxidation Stability-(Greases and Oils) ASTM D942
Water Reaction of Aviation Fuels ASTM D972
Acidity-Jet Fuel ASTM D3241
Aromatics-Jet Fuel ASTM D1319
Sulfur, Mercaptan-Jet Fuel ASTM D3227
Simulated DistillatonASTM D2887
Density ASTM D4052
Freeze Point-Jet Fuel ASTM D2386
Heat Of Combustions-Jet Fuel ASTM D4809
Smoke Point ASTM D1322
NaphthalenesASTM D1840
Existent Gum ASTM D381
MicroseparometerASTM D3948
ICP Metals