Microbial Detection Test Kit

For the detection of Microbial Growth in, Bio-diesel, Diesel, Fuel Blends, Jet Fuel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene. Each self testing and result kit costs $12.

Step 1

Obtain your fuel sample from vehicle, storage tank or filler nozzle.


Step 2

Visual Inspection – Shake and closely examine

Step 3

Water Detection – Shake until completely mixed, add indicator solution and examine

Instructions: Microbial Detection

1. Remove small water absorption cushion from 2 oz bottle and discard.

2. Remove small 2ML vile from the 2 oz bottle and set aside.

3. Retrieve your fuel sample from vehicle, storage tank or filler nozzle.

4. Empty the material from the 2ML vile into the 2 oz bottle.

5. Fill the 2 oz bottle with fuel to the 6ML line.

6. Place the cap on the bottle and store the bottle at room temperature


Interpreting the results

(75°- 85° for best results) for 48 -72 hours.

PASS: No changes in your sample

FAIL: Color changes in microbial feeding liquid, or visible mold/microbial growth. There may not be a change in color in your sample, but mold or microbial will still be visible if it’s positive.

After you have read and recorded your results, dispose of fuel in accordance to local and state regulation and guideline. Give us a call with any questions… (800) 546-4451.

More Information

We are excited to introduce this new product into the market place, we believe that this field test for Microbial Growth has many applications that will be a benefit to your company. Below are the testing instructions for your review. If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you please give us a call.