Generator Checklist For Emergency Planning

Don’t allow FUEL to be a fail point in Emergency planning

  1.  Does your facility have a policy on how to handle an emergency in the event of generator failure?
  2.  Does your facility maintain a protocol for long term fuel resupply in the event of a prolonged emergency?
  3.  Does your facility maintain a list of specific fuel tests to ensure that fuel is not a fail point in your emergency back- up generator?
  4.  Does your facility have procedures for yearly Oil and Coolant testing for your emergency back up generator?
  5.  Does the facility have a mechanism for regularly evaluating generator fuel quality for your emergency back-up generator?
  6.  Does your facility have a procedure to deal with bad fuel in your emergency generators?
  7.  Does your facility have staff available to maintain fuel when your emergency generators are in use during a emergency?
  8.  Does your facility have a plan to document actions, decisions and activities and track response expenses and lost revenues due to fuel failure in your emergency generator?
  9.  Does your facility have procedures to provide accurate and timely briefings to staff on the fuel quality in your emergency generators?
  10.  Do you know the overall generator capability at each facility?
  11.  Does your facility maintain a schedule for the regular testing of the fuel in your back up generator?
  12.  What are the current fuel levels, fuel quality and capacity of each emergency generator fuel tank?
  13.  What type of fuel does each emergency generator use?
  14.  Is there a listing of all emergency power generators for the facility?